Please note that "EN BLOC LOT" means sold all in ONE lot to ONE buyer

**All Mortgage Sales listed at the end of Auction Ad**



General Info

A Complete Auctioneering Service On Site or On Our Premises In:
Receiverships Bankruptcies Banks Liquidations
Retirement Business Closure Estates Bailiff
Mortgage Sales Separation/Divorce Commercial/Industrial Restaurants
The Garage Keepers Act Turn Key Bloc Lot Consignments

Our Customers:
  • Receivers
  • Trustees
  • Financial Institutions
  • Trust Companies
  • Leasing Companies
  • Bailiff
  • Government Agencies
Sampling Of Auction Experience:
  • Aircraft & related equipment
  • Commercial Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Farm Equipment
  • Jewellery
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Liquidations
  • Mortgage Sales
  • Office Equipment
  • Oil Refinery
  • Personal Property
  • Restaurants
  • Sewing Factories
  • Sporting Goods
  • Vehicles

We offer a complete and well documented report by certified and accredited appraisers for trustees & receivers, banks, litigation purposes, estates, separation & divorce, etc.

Kaye's Auctions is a member of the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group (CPPAG) and The Certified Appraisers Guild of America.

We are also members of the Auctioneers Association of Canada and the Manitoba Auctioneers Association.

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